Creating Mobile Banner Ads

Mobile Banner Ads can be easily created with Banner Maker Pro. Mobile ads have slightly different formats than traditional banner ads, but once you know the basics, creating mobile ads is actually easier than creating regular banner ads.


There are several different sizes available, depending on the mobile platform being targeted and the ad network being used.

Google lists the following ad sizes for their Google AdWords network
(numbers are in pixels, width x height):

6:1 Aspect Ratio            4:1 Aspect Ratio                   Other Sizes              Japan Sizes

300 x 50                        300 x 75                               300 x 64                192 x 53

216 x 36                        216 x 54                               215 x 34

168 x 28                        168 x 42                               192 x 53

                                                                              167 x 30

Microsoft lists these ad sizes for their network:

120 x 20, 168 x 28, 216 x 36, 300 x 50

As you can see, there are no standard mobile banner ad sizes. Banner Maker Pro can make ads in any of these sizes listed, and any other custom size as well.


Ads can be in jpeg, png, or gif formats. Animated gifs are also supported. The most important item to remember is that they need to load fast - a 100kb file isn't going to get downloaded. Google requires 7.5kb max for some of the bigger image ad sizes and down to 2kb for the smaller sizes.

Flash for mobile ads is not supported.

Google Image Ads (Google calls mobile banner ads by the name mobile image ads) have specific requirements - click here for details


300 x 50 sample mobile ad

sample mobile ad 300 x 50

168 x 42 mobile banner ad example

120 x 20 mobile banner ad animated example

Tips for mobile banner ads

  • Keep the kb size small. The fewer the kb, the faster the banner will load.

  • Animation will work, but remember the rule to keep it small

  • Include a call to action - make the user want to click the banner

Making Mobile Banner Ads with Banner Maker Pro

Banner Maker Pro can make mobile banner ads fast. When you buy Banner Maker Pro, you also get the ability to make regular banner ads in addition to mobile banner ads, so you can make banners for all your ad campaigns.

Banner Maker Pro comes with these features

  • Create any sized banner ad or mobile banner ad

  • Add animations

  • File sizes are very small, so they will load faster

  • Add any image or shape

  • Text can be in any font

  • Backgrounds can be any color, gradient, or image

Banner Maker Pro is just $39.99 USD and can be purchased here.